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Are you curious about the nature of a fetish? Do you wonder why it's so hard to play with the same enthusiasm as you had as a kid? Did you ever have a secret desire that you could only tell to your dog? Boy, are we glad to see you. It means we're onto something big.

I'm Devora Gray, and my passion is taking fantasies and transforming them into reality. I've been researching, participating in, and writing about the mysterious world of kink and adult play for the last ten years, which has allowed me to gather an elite network of brilliant minds, from leading psychotherapists to 20-year Dominas. We don't settle for the status quo. We bend the rules, we sculpt personalities, and we play. We play hard.

By joining our network, you get exclusive access to a team that believes there's more to a fantasy than just the distraction. With your contribution, you're ensuring we produce quality material that keeps you informed, entertained, and hungry for more. Here is a taste of what you can expect:

  • Read the Dear Sweet & Low advice column. We provide in-depth commentary on select fantasies that don't get the attention they deserve. If a subscriber in Stockholm wants to know why he has a thing for leg scissors, we investigate why this is important, how he can understand the hidden messages of his fantasy, and when to use this knowledge to create satisfaction.

  • Watch the Dear Sweet & Low YouTube channel. This series of video morsels takes an entertaining approach to decoding common fetishes and fantasies. If a patron in Portland dreams about dollification, we break it down in real terms, analyze the origins without getting caught in a clinical test tube, and expand on how people play in the real world.

  • Listen to the Couples Etiquette podcast. We tackle the tough questions, the minute details, and the potential stumbling blocks of playing with your partner. If a dynamic duo from Denver can't transform into their superhero personas, the team is down to hash it out, offering the male and female perspectives.

  • Join us for the MEMBERS ONLY Play Break. We offer ad hoc, comprehensive How-To's on specific play topics. If a curious contributor from Cleveland wants to learn the fine art of foot massage, we're not just going to describe it. We're giving the short-cuts, safety tips, and behind-the-scenes. This will include toy reviews, questionnaires, book lists, and our favorite interviews with experts playing like nobody's business.

To all the fans and friends, this wouldn't be happening without you. You shared your stories, you plunged into the abyss, and you are what real courage looks like. For all the people who told me, "I didn't think anyone else liked this," it's for you. For those that kept asking me when I was going to teach, where is the next book, and what's's for you. For all those who have felt ashamed, guilty, confused, and filled with loneliness, it's for you. 

 Thank you. I can't say more than that. Thank you. Now let's get to the PLAY.